Branditise is a cloud based suite of Digital Marketing tools that enables you to strategically utilise your Paid, Owned and Earned Media (POEM) channels in a profitable way. Use this end-to-end suite of tools to effectively manage your Social Media and other Digital channels. The Branditise software suite has 4 tools that help with the Strategy, Execution and Measurement of your Digital Marketing programme.

Create a powerful digital marketing strategic blueprint for your brand that:

Broadcast all your user generated, branded and hashtag social feeds on a TV, large screen display or a mobile device that:

Measure the Execution of your Digital Marketing performance with tools that:


Digital Marketing Solution

Populating your digital media channels with your traditional media content will not bring success. Attract and retain your target audience with a content-focused digital strategy.

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Strategy Workshop

Using our Strategy Tool, our 1-Day Digital Marketing facilitated strategy workshop provides you with know-how and industry best practices on how to create your customised strategic plan.

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Managed Services

You have created your Digital Marketing strategic plan but don't have the time or resources to execute it. Let us do it for you and provide you with your Digital Marketing performance reports.

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Our Plans

Strategize Better. Execute Faster. Measure More. Stop wasting your valuable time and hard-earned money sifting through countless software or doing everything manually. Our end-to-end Digital Marketing Suite provides tools for every aspect of your business to plan, execute and measure online.

  • Basic
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    • Starter Features +
    • 1 Brand + 1 Team Member
    •  Strategy
    •  Available Separately
    • Auto-Write Strategic Plan
    • PDF Export
    • 1 Week's Publishing Calendar
    • Manage 3 Digital Channels
    • Schedule up to 6 Messages
    •  Messages & Analytics
    •  Available Separately
    • Sales Leads Tracking
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Community Growth Analytics
    • Conversion Analytics
    •  BrandCast™
    •  Available Separately
    • 2 BrandCast™ Walls + 2 Social Feeds
    • Auto-Approval Moderation
    • 15 Minute Wall Refresh
    • 1 Display Theme
    • Custom Messages
    • Limited Ad Management
    • 24/7 Email Support
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  • Select
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    • Basic Features +
    • 3 Team Members
    •  Strategy
    •  Available Separately
    • 4hr Strategy Workshop
    • MS Word Export
    • 4 Week's Publishing Calendar
    • Manage 5 Digital Channels
    • Schedule up to 12 Messages
    •  Messages & Analytics
    •  Available Separately
    • Customer Service Tracking
    • Publishing Performance Analytics
    • Engagement Analytics
    •  BrandCast™
    •  Available Separately
    • 5 BrandCast™ Walls + 3 Social Feeds
    • 10 Minute wall Refresh
    • Customise Display Themes
    • Full Ad Management
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About Us

We are  a leading company was initially launched in 2013 as and was subsequently re-branded to its current name. Our singular focus is to help businesses use Digital Media channels in an effective and rewarding manner.

We are a passionate team of Digital Marketers who have been working in this field before Digital Marketing was a profession, before Twitter existed and even before Google Analytics was released.  

We understand that to effectively use your Digital Channels you must first develop a plan for success, execute the plan and measure the results. This is what has lead us to create, an easy to use cloud-based solution that is built on the principles of Strategy, Execution and Measurement.

We continue to improve our comprehensive solution in order to keep you relevant and current with the ever-changing Digital Media landscape.

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We worked with many serious brands in the industry.


We worked with many serious brands in the industry.

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New digital tool launched to assist companies in marketing

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We worked with many serious brands in the industry.

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